Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh please let us bake now.

I love shopping trips. With the combination of Michael's and JoAnn's, we were able to get this sweet stuff. Yup. Tons of liners, adorable cupcake boxes, Peeps (Easter's here), and a decorating tip you can use to make frosting that looks like grass. I am in love.

Hard to see (stupid, stupid camera. We'll get a new one soon, promise.), but it's polka dot liners, black+white vine liners, Peeps, and our new decorating tip.

Don't you just love the cupcake boxes? And the pink liners? And the Easter liners? And the polka dot liners? And the decorating tip? And the Peeps? And that, my friends, is why we here at Double K are itching to bake some more cupcakes.

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