Monday, April 18, 2011

And Bake We Did...

Do these look yummy or what? But one little detail... I made them. Me. Kyra. Without Mom.

Mom was stressed over taxes, so I wanted to make some chocolate cupcakes for her. I used the recipe we already had- the one we've used twice before. The hardest parts were the sifting (we NEED a better sifter) and waiting for the eggs to become room temp. (By the way, my dad was warming them up for me by holding them. Then he put them in his pockets so he could use his hands. Then he bent over. One egg cracked. His pants are now in the wash.) They turned out GREAT!

Mmm, they really do look yummy! I still can't believe I made cupcakes.

Later, we both made some frosting for the cupcakes. This is caramel for the sea salt caramel buttercream.

Isn't it beautiful? Ha ha. This cupcake was frosted by me- I admit it. There wasn't enough frosting left in the bag, so it came out funny. The caramel drizzle just didn't work out.

A chocolate sea salt caramel Peeps cupcake. Frosting with our new grass tip! I just had a vision, okay? I couldn't wait until the actual Peeps ones. The Peeps ones will look a bit different cuz the decor will be a bit different and they won't be chocolate :(

A NICE caramel sea salt cupcake. Actually, the picture was better on the ugly one....

We had leftover strawberry buttercream from these cupcakes, so we tried our hands at a chocolate-covered strawberry cupcake, complete with a ganache-dipped berry.

Well, that's it for now. We'll see you next Sunday for the debut of the Peeps cakes!


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