Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gracie's Cupcakes

Kyra in front of Gracie's.

Jordan and Kyra enjoying cupcakes from Gracie's.

Yes. Another cupcake shop. This one we went to today for a tasty treat. Our reviews on the ones we've tried:

1. KYRA with Vanilla Chocolate

This was, like the Black Tie from Simply Cupcakes, a very basic cupcake. It was a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Like the Black Tie AGAIN, I bet we could make this one. The cake was a bit dry, but still good. The frosting was really rich and I scraped some of it off because it was piled up so high. Suggestions to Gracie's- less frosting and more variety. I have to say this: it's perfect for kids. And I am one. Overall, yum!

2. KIM with Brown Sugar Caramel

I loved the contrast between the sweet brown sugar cake and the dash of sea salt on the caramel drizzle. The frosting was very light and not too sweet. Although not quite as moist as the key lime cupcake from Simply Cupcakes, it was pretty darned yummy! Still searching for the perfect sea salt caramel cupcake, though.

3. JORDAN with Grasshopper

I've sort of specialized in chocolate cupcakes in my reviews so far (all one of them), but this one is a bit of a change from the same old, same old: it's a chocolate base covered with pastel-green mint frosting which is, in turn, sprinkled with chocolate candy pieces of some sort. For the most part, it works: the flavors work together nicely, and the candy pieces add a special touch. My only real issue with the Grasshopper is that when I say it's covered with frosting, I mean it. Like Kyra, one of my pet peeves with cupcakes is overly-thick frosting, and this has at least two inches of the stuff. Still, while the frosting might outweigh the cupcake, the positives outweigh the negatives, and I'd say this is definitely a high-quality cupcake for chocolate-mint fans. Just make sure to bring a knife.

4 part 1. KYRA with Mudslide

I just bit into this cupcake about 15 minutes ago, and it was an avalanche of flavor. Or should I say, a mudslide of flavor. Anyway, I could clearly taste all the different components of this cupcake. Buttercream. Oreo. Chocolate. Am I tempting you? Sorry. This was just such a great cupcake. My favorite out of the three I tasted (the others being Vanilla Chocolate and a bite of Grasshopper) at Gracie's. Yum-yum-yum!

4 part 2. JORDAN with Mudslide

Well, this one is elaborate. In lesser hands, the Mudslide could have easily have been a disaster (though not, as the name implies, one of the natural variety) - the sheer amount of interconnected flavors could have fallen flat if one was too strong or too weak. Fortunately, it works like a charm. It's even better than the Grasshopper in some unexpected ways, too: the cake is moister, and the frosting is applied in just the right amount. If you're heading to Gracie's anytime soon, this would be my strongest recommendation.

Those were our reviews for Gracie's Cupcakes. By the way, if you want to be hungry: Cupcake on! K+K+J

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