Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Milwaukee Cupcake Company

Hey, cupcake fans! This is the Double K's coming to you once again with yet ANOTHER cupcake shop. We stopped in Milwaukee, WI to sample the cupcakes there. They all had really creative local names! We got lots of mini cupcakes so we could taste more flavors. Our reviews:

KYRA with The Riverwest
This Cookies and Cream cupcake was good, but it didn't quite match up to my expectations. The frosting was too sweet for this palette (which probably means too sweet for anyone, considering you're talking to a 10-year-old). It tasted like I was eating this big blob of Oreo cream. The cake was a yummy chocolate with Oreos baked in (how do they do that without them melting?). Anyone have suggestions for where I can get the perfect Cookies + Cream?

KYRA with The East Sider
This may very well be the best chocolate cupcake I've ever tried. I wanted more than one! The dark chocolate cake was great, and the rich chocolate frosting was heaven! One minor flaw: the sprinkles might be a slight overdose, but that's just me. My recommendation if you're heading to Milwaukee anytime soon.

JOHN with The Rishi Matcha
Okay, I always get the weird ones. This cake was actually made with green tea, so the cake was green, but not like green velvet. The flavor was actually very tasty! In the buttercream frosting there were bits of green tea leaves that helped bring out the green tea flavor of the cake.

JOHN with The Great Lakes Hibiscus Absinthe
If I had to get my mouth washed out for saying bad words, this is the way I'd want to go. Seriously, this cupcake tasted like soap. But in a good way. The cake was lavender rosewater and it had a flowery taste reminiscent of soap. The buttercream frosting included Absinthe Rouge, which gave it a slight anise flavor. I think there were bits of lavender in the frosting. I felt relaxed eating it. This was an unusual cupcake, but @$%#* it was good.

KIM with The Shorewood
The vanilla cake on this one was tasty, with butterscotch chips baked in, but the real star is the frosting. How many of you out there have that salty/sweet thing going, where you eat something sweet and then have to follow it up with pretzels or chips? Well, I do, and this frosting takes the cake on that! The caramel buttercream was yummy in itself, but topping it with sea salt, raw sugar and pecans was pure brilliance. I could eat a few dozen more of these!

KIM with The North Shore
This one did not impress me. The red velvet from Simply Cupcakes had much more flavor, and so did our green velvet, as a matter of fact. The cream cheese frosting was too sweet. Can I please trade in the calories I took in on this one for something better like the Shorewood? Please?

And there you have it. Overall, the MCC was a good shop. If you're heading to Milwaukee, definitely check it out!

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