Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simply Cupcakes (again?!)

That's right, we liked Simply Cupcakes so much that we decided to come back! Actually, we took a trip from Naples to Marco Island to see Simply Cupcakes of Olde Marco. The service was wonderful and the cupcakes were just as good! We went at about 1:30 and they were running out. Can you believe it?! Wow. We were able to get some new flavors, though:

KYRA with Simply Delicious

This cupcake was very basic, but very high quality. Great for kids. The vanilla cake was really moist and dense (but not in a bad way) and the buttercream frosting complemented it nicely. As good as a plain vanilla cupcake can get.

KYRA with Raspberry Waltz

This one tasted delicious. I took a bite of the my mom's and was upset that I didn't get one for myself. The cake was tasty and the layer of raspberry jam under the frosting was to die for. It had a very homemade taste to it and it reminded me of picking raspberries with my grandma. Left me begging for more.

KYRA (again?!) with Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine was not my favorite, but that's pretty much based on my personal tastes. It was a bit like biting into a bunch of coconut flakes. I don't like the texture of them... but again, my personal tastes. I gotta say this: the chocolate ganache is rich, dark, and yummy. Didn't quite leave me on Cloud Nine, though.

KYRA (you gotta kidding me) with Traditional Red Velvet

Well, the name tells all. Very traditional red velvet. But I guess that's what Simply Cupcakes was going for. Anyway, this cupcake was a moist, slightly chocolaty red velvet cake with yum-licious cream cheese frosting. Mmm.

JOHN with Holy Cannoli

Holy Cannoli, Batman! This was good. Orange and chocolate is always a great combo. The cupcake was orange-flavored due to the Grand Marnier. Who could go wrong by putting that in a cupcake? But it was beautifully offset with the bits of chocolate in the cake. It was topped off with a creamy frosting which included orange zest.

Pictures up soon!

K+K+ the older J

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