Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simply Cupcakes

The Double K's in front of Simply Cupcakes

Yup, we've gone to two cupcake shops in three days and are planning to go to another one tomorrow. Anyway.

CUPCAKE SHOP 1: Simply Cupcakes in Naples, FL

We tried three flavors- Black Tie, Chocolate Espresso, and Naples Key Lime. The rundown of our faves with comments:


1. Chocolate espresso- A classic but made new with the coffee. Love the cofffee frosting.

2. Black tie- Best for those who like classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla. I do, so it was great! Very basic, though.

3. Key lime- This is 3 because it was too limey for me with the lime curd. Really yummy cake.


1. Key lime - Wonderfully moist cake with scrumptious tangy lime curd. Heaven!

2. Chocolate espresso - cake and coffee all in one!

3. Black tie - Being a die-hard chocolate fan, I was really excited to try this one, but it fell a bit short for me. Pretty basic - I think we could do this one just as well.


1. Black tie - Loved this one. Like Kim, I'm a chocolate fanatic, but this one did everything right for me. Very classically chocolate-y, and, like all the cupcakes I've tried at Simply Cupcakes, deliciously moist. Wish it had chocolate frosting, but that's a slight nitpick.

2. Chocolate espresso - I think the base for this one was based on the black tie - and, despite the fact that I loved that one quite a bit, it lost a bit of novelty the second time around. Still, the addition of coffee added just enough variety to take things up a notch, and the frosting was particularly wonderful. The addition of a chocolate-covered espresso bean was a masterstroke in presentation.

3. Key lime pie - This cupcake has been getting rave reviews around Double K HQ, but I was honestly sort of disappointed by it. The cupcake itself was delicious and refreshing (well, as refreshing as baked goods can be), but the key lime curd was just a bit too intense for these taste buds. Still, definitely worth trying, and I'd recommend it if you're a fan of strong citrus flavors.

And as you can see, we shall have Jordan as a guest reviewer VERY often. The hours 10-6 (I think) but make sure to go early to have a bigger flavor selection. We went at about 4 and they were getting ready to close because they were running out of cupcakes, but we were able to snag these great flavors.

Happy cupcaking! K+K (+J)

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