Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our CRAZY Cupcake Adventure

You might remember my cousin Billy from the earlier post. Well, last Thursday was his birthday and last Saturday was his Toy Story birthday party! Of course, Double K provided dessert-Billy's request being chocolate cupcakes with blue frosting.

And we delivered.

The character decorations were made of fondant. I made most of the characters. Mom made Woody's bandana, the aliens, the three, and Rex the dinosaur. She thinks he looks weird. Uncle Jeff made the star.

See, Rex looks awesome! Now take a close look at Mr. Potato Head's expression. Priceless!

All of the cupcakes, plated.

We finally presented the cupcakes to Billy.

"What character is that?"

"It's Woody!" Aww.

"I eat Woody's face!" -Billy

Billy's brother Pablo was there too. He enjoyed some chocolate cupcake- note the tiny crumbs.

Is this a sign that we make yummy buttercream?

No one sees me eating Mr. Potato Head's face, right?



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