Sunday, May 1, 2011

Billy's Review of Marble Cupcakes

This is my two-almost-three year old (his birthday is early May) cousin, Billy. I'll just say that he is one of the best and cutest cousins ever. Today he got to try our marble cupcakes. This is what he said:

KYRA: Hey Billy, what do you think of those cupcakes?
BILLY: Yummy!

KIM: Hey Billy, do you want a cupcake?
BILLY: (running around kitchen) Pupcake! Pupcake!

KYRA: Hey Billy, are those the best cupcakes ever?
BILLY: Yummy!

KYRA: (grabs cupcake to rip it into small pieces)
BILLY: (grabs my arm) That's my pupcake! Hey!

KIM: So Billy, what do you want for your birthday?
BILLY: Um... pupcake!

He is the most adorable little kid.


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